“Just finished our first season with Studio A, our first studio experience, and look forward to the next. Amy, along with the other instructors and students are amazing. A happy, welcoming studio, which also takes learning seriously. A +”

“My daughter told us at the end of the school year she wanted to do ballet, and it’s all we heard about all summer. On a recommendation from one of my husband’s colleagues we checked out Studio A. Our daughter started pre-ballet this past September and she loves it! She asks all the time when she gets to go to ballet. Ms. Ash is so sweet and amazing with her students, I’m so glad we decided on Studio A!”

“My daughter previously danced at a school – when I became disillusion by the amount of money I was putting in (to watch my daughter for 30 seconds on a stage in a costume that I paid $80) I was looking for something else…someone else. Then we found Amy…. From that point on dance to my daughter was never something I had to lead the charge on she would get up in the morning excited to go see ‘Miss Ash’. There was no hurry up and eat , I have to do your hair omg we have to go(parents you know what I’m talking about!!!). Ella was welcomed to every class with a kind word and often a warm hug. Through Amy’s fun,and gentle, and flexible teaching style something amazing happened for my daughter…. she was safe to be who she was all the time!

The little twirls she did with her skirt (even out of turn she’s 5) were always encouraged, when she would laugh Amy thought it music to her ears versus a distraction to the class. As a mother I put my kids in activities for a variety of different reasons, health, structure, fun but with Amy even thought she provides all of those things she shows a dedication, commitment, and a genuine care about her students and their families, that was not only refreshing but reassuring . My daughter learned more in one dance year with Amy than in 2 years at another studio, she has a confidence in dance, and a sparkle in her eye for it.

When you choose a dance studio for your daughter or son sometimes you choose the place closest – but close doesn’t mean best. Sometimes you choose based on cost, this is fair, and I will tell you with costume I paid way less for dance this year it is reasonably priced and manageable. You choose based on time of day – also fair – Amy actually sent an email to parents asking what times they would prefer for their children…. When was the last time you got a say in the time for your children’s activities? All of these things are relevant but for me we will continue to go to Studio A becauseof the commitment and care that Amy gives to each and every student. I would encourage all parents to sign up or make the switch …. You will never in a million years be disappointed. ”
Tina Sul
Richmond, Ontario.


“Following in the steps of my cousins I decided to start dancing at the age of 9. My very first dance teacher was Ms. Ash and she continued to be, not only my dance teacher over the years but also a mentor and now, a lifelong friend! Ms. Ash is an incredibly skilled and talented dancer and has choreographed some of the most creative and enjoyable routines that I have ever performed. Ms. Ash makes everyone feel welcome and works hard to make sure that her dancers gain the ability, technique, and confidence to become a star! I can truly say that Ms. Ash encouraged me to grow not only as a dancer, but also into a strong and confident young woman!”

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