Studio A Dance is taking every precaution to provide families with a safe place to learn and grow while the community works it’s way through the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s what we are doing to keep our students, families and staff safe;

  1. Class sizes have been capped to allow for social distancing.
  2. Online platforms are available for students wanting to learn remotely.
  3. Staff, families and dancers are asked to screen before entering the studio for symptoms of COVID-19.
  4. Masks are mandatory in all facility areas except the studio.
  5. Classes are scheduled with a break between to reduce students entering/exiting at the same time and to allow cleaning between classes.
  6. Changing facilities are no longer in use. Students must arrive ready to begin class.
  7. Dancers will be provided with an individual bin for storage of any belongings. These bins will be kept in class with students for access to water bottles and masks. Each bin is sanitized between use.
  8. Multiple hand sanitizing stations are found throughout the building. Please ensure hands are cleaned upon entering. Students will be provided with hand sanitizer in class after they remove their mask for physical purposes. Gloves and masks are also available.
  9. Staff are required to wash/sanitize hands between classes, and throughout. Masks will be worn between classes, and whenever physical distancing is difficult for correction purposes.
  10. Physical distancing stickers and reminders are posted throughout the studio/dressing areas to remind students to stay safe an maintain 2m between people. The studio area has been taped so students can easily identify the spaces they should use to maintain physical distancing.
  11. More staff will be present in the studio to aid in screening practices, reminding students of COVID guidelines and cleaning of traffic areas/washrooms/equipment between classes.
  12. Barre covers will be given to ALL ballet students in Grade 2 RAD and above. These covers are theirs to keep and will be taken home and cleaned before class. Replacements or extras are available for purchase in office. Barres are cleaned between classes as well.
  13. UVC lights are used to sanitize high traffic areas when not in use.

More information is available on how Studio A is working to keep families safe. Please email for a copy our COVID-19 procedures and policies.

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